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Project: Website Design
The scope includes website
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I have been working with TWC over the past year and I am very satisfied of our collaboration. The development team at TWC is well versed in the latest technologies in web design.
Maeve Hickok, MA, Managing Editor,
Muse Communications.

Yahoo Store Add-ons


We provide our customers with additional Yahoo Store add-ons that take your Yahoo Store business to the next level. Not only do they boost your business but also improve your site functionality, lay out, navigation, and marketing features. They will also augment to your SEO efforts, and provide a positive browsing cum buying experience for your visitors.

Accordion Navigation for Yahoo! Stores

This is the latest SEO friendly navigation available for V3 Yahoo Stores. It allows menus to expand or contract, thus allowing visitors to see what’s under each main menu.

Advanced Product Reviews

This is a sophisticated solution that allows people to post reviews about your products on your Yahoo Store pages. This solution allows reviewers to post reviews but gives the administrator complete control over what is actually published.

Alternate Product Image Preview

This feature allows the visitor to preview alternate thumbnail images of the product on the product page along with the main image. The alternative images expand to predefined standard size when clicked.

Basic Checkout Manager for V2 Yahoo! Stores

This feature for V2 Yahoo Stores allows you to customize the shopping cart and checkout page. This makes your check out pages look like your Store page.

Basic Checkout Manager Set-up for V3 Yahoo! Stores

This feature assists you in setting up the customization feature for the check out for V3 Yahoo Stores. Features that are customizable include colors, header, footer, side navigation, and others.

Bookmark this Page Feature

This feature is displayed on your product page that encourages your visitor to bookmark this page.

Categorized Site Map for Yahoo! Stores

This feature provides a categorized site map for your Yahoo Store. It displays various categories, sub categories, and your products in a tree like hierarchy.

Cross Sells

This feature allows you to display products that you want to horizontally or vertically cross sell along with your featured product

Custom Buy Box

This feature is a customized order box for the page on which your products/ are listed. It contains action words to convince the visitor to buy that product.

Custom Styled Breadcrumbs

This feature allows you to install a customized way to tell visitors which path they have followed to reach the page they are currently viewing from the home page.

Dynamic Meta and Title Tags with Manual Override

This feature allows you to use dynamic Meta tags and title tags, which is extremely SEO friendly. It permits you to use a range of keywords for different products and pages. This feature can be manually overridden, and you can enter the exact text for each page manually.

Dynamic Related Item Links

This feature adds links one item to every other item in the products pages thereby creating related products and enabling your site to rank better in search engines.

Email Contact Form/Sign up for our Newsletter

This add-on is a contact form that customers can use to contact you with their comments. It can also be used as a sign up for our newsletter page.

Enlarged Image Popup

This add-on changes the default behavior of Yahoo Store and instead shows enlarged images that open in their own window.

Floating Shopping Cart for Yahoo! Stores

This add-on displays a floating shopping cart on every page of your Yahoo Store

Google Analytics Total Tracking for Yahoo! Stores

Normally, the Google Analytics tracking tool, which is available for free, cannot be used for Yahoo! Stores because of the way that Yahoo! Stores works. This add-on fixes this solution and makes it possible for Yahoo! Store owners to use Google Analytics as a powerful tracking tool.

Lightbox for Yahoo! Stores

This feature allows a product image to display in an enlarged format on the same page so that customers do not have to hit the back button on the browser every time they click on the image for an enlarged view. Since the image is opened in the same window, there is no popup which can be blocked by popup blockers.

Multiple Add to Cart

This add-on allows customers to add multiple products to the cart in one go. This means customers can shop for more in a single event and increased order sizes Also makes online shopping less tedious because customers do not need to travel back and forth to reach the shopping cart page.

Quick View Preview

This add-on allows users a quick view preview of your product in your Yahoo Store without leaving the product page. The quick preview layer appears on the same page that provides the user with a quick review of the product.

Recently Viewed Items

This add-on automatically keeps track of recently viewed items in the items or section page of Yahoo Store. The advantage is that it personalizes the shopping experience of the customer and vastly improves the chances of making a sale.

RTML Pagination

This add-on improves the navigation of your Yahoo Store by breaking up items into different pages. This helps navigation to become faster. It is also possible to optimize each item page separately for better search engine rankings.

Send this page to your Friend

This add-on allows your customers to easily recommend your products to their friends. When a customer clicks on this link, it pops up a form which customers can fill and email their friends. Additionally, this product also sends you a copy of this email and attaches a campaign code to the link. In effect, this can prove to be a great viral marketing tool.

SEO-Enhanced Text Navigation with Submenus

This add-on enables text navigation menus. They are expandable to show all subsections too. Since all these links are text based, they are extremely SEO friendly.

SEO-Friendly Expanding Menus

Conventionally, Yahoo V2 Stores utilize image maps for navigation. This add-on enables text navigation for V2 Stores. This makes this product extremely search engine friendly

Social Bookmarks for Yahoo! Stores

This feature will add links to all major social book marking sites on the Internet.

Tabbed Page Sections

This add-on creates multiple tabs on a single page to display information without scrolling the page. Further information can be viewed on the same page by clicking on the new tab without the need to reload the page. This add-on can be conveniently used in your Yahoo Store products or item section to display product related information.

You save Feature

This feature allows customers to see how much they save while buying your products, for example, in comparison to your competitors. You can also gain instant orders by placing the order button next to the you save feature.


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